I strongly suspect that my second son, Rafael, better known as Ralfie, also has eczema. He has bits of red, irritated skin in the insides of his elbows, redness around the eyes, and the same yeast infection in the folds of his skin that his big brother had. He’s even got it in his belly button! In the last week, his poop went from perfect curdy orange to a smoother greenish color. This indicates irritation.

This morning his eyelid looked swollen. So I called and got an appointment at the doctor’s. I’m going to ask for an IgE Immunocap blood test, and also see if we can’t talk the insurance company into paying for a stool test. It costs over $200, so we wouldn’t be able to do it right away anyhow, which would give us time to try to convince the insurance company that it is necessary.

I’m also going to go on a strict elimination diet starting tomorrow. I’m out shopping today, so I can’t start today. I’m going to eat green smoothies for breakfast, with some gluten-free grain, cooked or sprouted. I’ll eat veggies and another GF grain for lunch. I’ll adopt hemp seeds as my nut of choice for a few days, and toss flax seed oil in every smoothie. I’ll eat fruit and whatever I can for supper. I’m going to keep it simple for the first couple of weeks–rice, quinoa, millet, amaranth. Some of those are complete proteins, so coupled with fruits and veggies, especially greens, I should be okay. I’m not going to limit myself in quantity–I’ll eat as much as I need to not be hungry and keep my milk supply up. I’ll also take probiotics, preferably InfaSkin. With this limited diet, we’ll see how the eczema does, besides wait for test results.

I feel like I know what to do this time. We won’t spend the first nine months wondering what to do. I’m going to start with what I know and run with it. Because this doesn’t just feel like Dejavu. It is.

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