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Free Sample of Renew Lotion

Friday, November 23rd, 2012

There aren’t a lot of creams and lotions, other than those with steroids, that really make a difference in eczema. Renew is one of them. It made a difference in my son’s eczema within two days.

And I am offering free samples! I have a few travel-sized tubes that I can mail out to anyone in the US that requests a sample. I won’t even charge for the shipping. Why? Because once someone sent me a sample, and I want to pass on the favor.

I can’t promise it will cure your eczema. It might. I know people who no longer have eczema since using Renew. But it might make a difference. And if you have a baby with eczema, you know how wonderful it would be to have something to help so that you don’t need to use as much steroid cream.

How can you get some? Send me your name and address to lisa [at] and be sure to mention this offer for a free sample. That’s it. I won’t add your name to a mailing list or anything like that. I will reply and let you know I’m sending it. And if you like it, I’ll be happy to tell you how you can get more.

My supply is limited, so please respond asap. Any requests I get this weekend will be mailed out Monday or Tuesday.